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A Vibrant Interplay of Texture and Light

Detail from Ten Variations  

In my recent work, Lights and Shadows, I strive to stimulate viewers’ visual sensibilities: Distinguishable forms and shapes have given way to a closely knit surface of rhythmic gesture and relief-like texture.

The palette of the new works, monochromatic at a glance, opens to subtle color nuances, exposing lush variety as light conditions shift over the course of a day. The result is a vibrant interplay of texture and light.

My interest in exploring essences of painting stands at the core of this approach. From a molecular level up, the new paintings are created with a heightened awareness of their layered physicality and the delicate interaction they elicit with the surrounding architecture. By doing so, the painting's surface, the light it receives and emanates, its touch and feel if you will, rise to the level of subject.

Clemens Frischenschlager
April 8, 2009
Clemens Frischenschlager finishes large-scale painting Lights and Shadows
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Tapestry Fire Oven permanently installed at Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna, Austria
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