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  Artistic Journey          
Clemens Frischenschlager's artistic journey has been both rich and diverse. From an early age, his work has been oscillating between figuration and abstraction, in multiple media such as painting, drawing and sculpting.
The New Works | 2006-present  

  In his New Works, Clemens Frischenschlager strives to stimulate viewers’ visual sensibilities: distinguishable forms and shapes have given way to a closely knit surface of rhythmic gesture and relief-like texture. View >  
The Evolution Paintings | 1996-2005  

  The Evolution Paintings assert Clemens Frischenschlager's fascination with the human body, as the artist has evolved one of his core themes—the metamorphosis of the human figure—in ever-lighter variations. View >  
The Graffiti Paintings | 1996-1998  
  The Graffiti Paintings were inspired by NYC graffiti, particularly a mural by Andre Charles. A combination of abstract form and text, the Graffiti paintings were an early hint at more textual works to come. View >  
Fire Oven (Tapestry) | 1994-1995  

  Fire Oven is the result of a 10-month weaving project. The oversized tapestry, executed in Gothic weaving techniques, depicts a compressed group of figures in a horizontal movement, a reference to 20th Century crimes against humanity. View >  
The Student Years | 1990-1995  

  During his years at the Academy of Fine Arts, Clemens Frischenschlager produced intricate studies of the human body. His canvases were often executed in airy bright colors, with a pronounced focus on painterly surface and gesture. View >  
The New Works
The Evolution Paintings
The Graffiti Paintings
Fire Oven (Tapestry)
The Student Years